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Ziji Up! The Unshakeable Confidence Course

This 7-week home-study confidence course will help you develop true, unshakeable confidence in yourself – the kind that isn’t swayed by what others think of you or whether you succeed or fail. This kind of confidence is deep, rooted in you knowing who you really are, what you really want, and a proud authenticity knowing you are living a life in alignment with your values and desires. You’ll gain clarity about what you want in life so that you can start creating it, right here, right now.

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Drink Less Feel Free

This program is for people who want to drink less alcohol so they can start living a more free life – one without obsessing about the next drink, or waking up with regrets that you drank more than you wanted to…again. This program focuses on learning ways to decrease your urge to overdrink, and developing the skills to make it last long-term.

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The Urban Wellness Club

Start living Creative, Courageous, Wild and Free EVERY DAY. Affordable, year-round group coaching program for inspiration, accountability, and amazing sisterhood. We cover all topics body + mind + spirit

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This is a transformational 10-month Mastermind experience, where you are guided on a detailed and intentional curriculum to discover your true purpose and gifts, learn about your unique mind + its unique blocks and challenges – and how to overcome them, soul crafting, and profound clarity, + courage. Join a sacred sisterhood and emerge as a new woman, with deep clarity and trust in yourself.

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Private Sessions

Clarity + Courage and Freedom + Adventure, Cell to Spirit Immersions
1:1 Immersions

Dive into an Immersion to take your life to the next level

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Freedom Sessions

Private 3-month packages of 1:1 transformational coaching

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