“I started working with Ana when I was in a transitional period in my life. I was dealing with a rocky, uneven, and unbalanced relationship; I was finishing school and starting a brand new career, and new business on my own, and my true passion (genius) in life had pretty much taken a back seat.

Over what seemed like a blink-of-an-eye, working with Ana my life shifted drastically for the better. If I had to pick one word to describe how my life changed it would be “SOLID”.

With her guidance I built a new foundation for my life, relationships, dreams, and desires. I can’t begin to express how pivotal having her in my life at this time and this place was for me. I’m so grateful I found her and she works from a pure place of passion and dedication. I can’t tell you how many times we both got goose bumps during our sessions due to such rapid changes, energy shifts, and all over positive transformations. Thank you Ana.”
Chase McKenna, Actress and Master Hypnotherapist at, Los Angeles, CA



praise “Before I did Ana’s program I was in a funk. Not that life was bad,  I just felt personally stuck and needed some more skills, specifically her” Jedi mind” skills.  Not only did I get out of my funk, I lost weight, improved my co parenting relationship and my business income increased (no joke – abundance affirmation works!) all within 7 weeks…coincidence? Not really, just great a coach and program that helped create momentum for change and a willingness to take on living my BEST LIFE, out of the box. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! “
Melissa Cooley, Visionary artist, Yogini, mother of twins, and owner of Om Sweet Om yoga studio, Ashland, OR



Sarah Hart

“Before working with Ana I had a session with a coach before but honestly it was just ok and I never implemented anything we talked about.

After just one session with ANA I knew I had found someone who truly could help me create a life of my dreams.Working with Ana is absolutely EPIC experience. She has this magical power that will help you smash through what ever is holding you back + help you get you ah-freaking-mazing clarity on what you TRUELY want.

It’s been a few weeks after our session and I use the tools that Ana taught me to make inspired decisions  about my life + business daily. I’m on the road to creating a life packed full of adventure, creativity + FUN!! Thank you ANA!!”
Sarah Hart,Founder & Creative Director at 



“Before coaching with Ana, I was confused about my path, lacking the clarity, confidence and support to take my next steps in starting my own business. With Ana’s skillful listening, compassionate presence (even over the phone), finely honed intuition, practical exercises and guidance, and keen observations I was able in just a few months to gain the needed focus, confidence, and clarity to get unstuck, and realize my dreams in not only my professional life but also in my personal one as well.

As someone who has also done a lot of personal work over the years, I can definitely say working with Ana is a deeply transformative experience that also didn’t feel like work, and instead was joyful and fun! She is truly a gem, a very gifted coach and special human being.”
Kristen Cates, Owner and Certified Nurse Midwife at Sequoia Midwifery, Prenatal Yoga Instructor, Berkeley, CA



praise “When I took Ana’s coaching program, it was my first venture into this kind of investment…an investment in taking care of myself, and reaching for the kind of life I wanted to have. I was in an unhappy relationship, and had allowed myself to continue in this relationship, KNOWING that I deserved to be treated better. That knowing is what finally tipped the balance into me walking into my first coaching program…and taking that step was, in itself, a HUGE leap forward into the kind of positive, joyful life I envisioned.

I knew I could trust Ana, because she brings such a unique quality to her work. She is completely transparent and honest- her authenticity and heart shines through so much, she doesn’t even have to say a word- you can take one look at her, and know, somehow, that you are completely safe to expand and learn.

Ana is a GREAT coach both for “first-timers” who are just beginning to venture into the realm of self-care, and for veterans of coaching programs who are doing maintenance and “refresher-course” type work. She has a totally unique approach which is vibrant, energetic, and gives one a very solid foundation on which to build. I have since done other coaching work, and can say that Ana’s work is tops, and also beautifully compliments & adds a fresh, rich perspective to one’s ongoing personal growth work.

She is extremely generous in her work, making this an “investment” in yourself that is truly a bargain… Ana’s personally involved, her support is very strong, and in the first day of the program – the first hour, even – I had already felt results enough that would have “justified” the cost of the entire program for me.
This costs far, far less than a single college course, and opens life up so immensely – I would urge anyone who has stumbled upon this (for whatever reason!) to take the plunge, value yourself, invest in your own well-being and growth.

Since beginning Ana’s program, I have left an unhealthy relationship, found a beautiful home to live in, found a new job, gotten very clear about my work, become more confident and positive, and have met so many amazing new people, just because I feel so much better about myself and my life! I have been approached by schools and publishers, and I did not do any “pushing,” networking, or uncomfortable (for me) “saleswoman-y” type selling of myself.

These new opportunities just came to me. It’s amazing what opens up when you have the guidance of a wise, truly gifted mentor like Ana. I highly recommend Ana’s work … invest in yourself & learn that you are worth it… don’t “put up with” relationships, jobs, lives that don’t make your heart sing- if you feel you’re missing something, Ana is a coach who can definitely help you become clear, and help you step up into living fully, living the life you have dreamed of.”
Rivkah Raven Wood, Author, Illustrator, and Mentor To Young Women, Ashland, OR. Read more about her at:



praise “Before I worked with Ana I was feeling frustrated as to why I was not meeting some of my goals and really wondering why I felt like so much was out of my reach. I realized through the workshop that the reason I had so much doubt was because I had not gotten laser clear about what I wanted.

Sounds easy, it is and it isn’t.

Also I was not honoring my values. Probably because I had not taken the time to figure out what they were! Again, sounds easy right? Well let me tell you – if it was, then I would have done it already!

The recipe for turning this around was provided to me and the result was pretty much an instant turnaround. The tools that you acquire by going through this process will be with you always and more than likely change the way you look at things forever. Ana is an amazing coach and I feel so fortunate to get to work with her. Thanks, Ana, for helping me realize that I already am the badass I want to be. 🙂 See y’all at the top! ”
Jen Field, Waimea, Hawaii



praise “ If I had one word to describe Ana’s program, it would be “Badass.” I chose to work with her because I didn’t feel like I was living up to my potential. I needed a boost and ongoing encouragement to make positive changes in my life. Ana has accomplished so many things in her life. She is pragmatic, logical, AND likes to have fun! I really liked the all the exercises we did in our coaching, where I got to explore different aspects of my life and my values.

The most powerful lesson that I received from the program were learning about my negative self talk, and how to manage it, as well as how my fear of success was holding me back. I am the happiest I’ve been in a long time, and I know
that this is my new baseline. You got me back on track Ana! You are really good at what you do. THANK YOU! (PS: And while money is tight for us sometimes, now that I know the value in it, I am going to free up cash for future classes and workshops!) ”
Kara Farmer, nurse, mother of two, Idaho.



“Before Freedom Sessions, I was flying by the seat of my pants, running an online vintage resale shop through Etsy, learning as I went. I experienced unexpected initial success that was exhilarating and exhausting all at once, and I became frazzled trying to balance this new reality.

Freedom Sessions started and my specific goal was to find a work-life balance, where I could feel more connected to my kids, recharge my batteries more effectively and continue growing the vision I had for my business. I came home from a retreat ready to take on the world, but intense physical injuries surfaced from extended self neglect that slowed my progress to a crawl.

I have recognized that working with Ana through these challenges taught me what I desperately NEEDED to learn, rather than what I THOUGHT I would like to learn. The physical set backs required me to practice self love, unconditionally, and accept myself and my situation with authentic gratitude. It came so naturally for me to be angry at my body and overwhelmed by what wasn’t getting done, but with Ana’s help I gradually came to see progress instead of obstacles. I began to talk nicer to myself and practice better self care. and when things didn’t turn out the way I hoped, I noticed the lessons and growth that the experience gave me rather than getting hung up on my idealistic expectations.

Overall, what continues to serve me is a new awareness where I can identify places of resistance as places that need my attention. I have become braver and quicker to act on opportunities and challenges that I might have put off or dismissed all together in the past. I take fuller accountability for my situation and attitude. Choosing to be present and do what is within my reach rather than making excuses, being bent about what hasn’t happened yet or isn’t happening fast enough. I’ve replaced negative, limiting beliefs with positive, expansive ones; tapped into my intuition, and created a stronger trust in myself. I can choose a course of action and know that whatever the outcome, I will be wiser and more resilient. I also recognize progress and successes now, however small, that I might have dismissed in the past. I celebrate my accomplishments daily and don’t dwell on setbacks. When I do get off track, I notice it more quickly, recommit and do what it takes to get my vibration juiced up again.

Ana is a wealth of compassion, wisdom, positivity and no nonsense ‘get er done’ action. She is an intuitive bad ass with the tools and experience to guide you through your unique journey in identifying and obtaining your goals. She knows when to assist you in a guided meditation to sooth your nerves, and when to call ‘bullshit’ if your sugar coating a situation that needs more attention.
Kiova Staley, designed and vintage upcycler extraordinaire, Gold Dust Goods, Ashland, OR



“Ana has been my rock these past six months and exactly the person I was looking to have in my corner to grow my business. She has done the work and has so much experience with coaching and best business practices. She knows so many tips and tools that I had no clue about. Examples: Fiverr! Hello! Where has that service been all of my life! Virtual Assistant? Yes please, I’ll take two. It was really great to bounce ideas off her and for her to come back with so much immediate and useful insight, suggestions, and guidance.

Ana helped me do the thing that I have struggled most in life with: Clarity! Because getting clear about who I am, who I attract, and being able to articulate it all to others is step one to abundant success! Hands down, this has been worth the price of Ana’s admission!

Hire Ana, she’s worth it.”
Kelly Summersett,




praise “I showed up for my Laser Coaching Session with Ana not really knowing what I needed. She got me out of my head and into my heart almost instantly and helped me to realign and get clear from the inside out. Before I knew it, I had come up with a statement of deep purpose that I didn’t know lived in me – and that I still use as a daily touchstone months later.

I only connected with another huge benefit of that session a couple of months afterwards, when I realized that it had given me the key to reimagining how I would like to work with my clients in my writing business. Ana had accessed me at a deep level right from the start, so that we had been able to work together from that level throughout the whole session. Once I realized how powerful an ability this was in being of service to others, I felt inspired to strive to offer it to my own clients. ”
Natalie Morisset, alchemical copywriter at Writing With Intent, Ottowa, Ontario



praise “I am floored at the changes I’ve experienced in the last year: my confidence, satisfaction, and resilience are at levels I never really believed I’d deserve to reach, let alone live in with hope for more. Being led to work with you on these tender, vulnerable parts of myself is one more evidence from outside me that I am loved and worthy and here to help.

I want you to know how sincerely grateful I am for your example of working diligently on your own path so that you can do so much to teach and lift others up. Your willingness to be real and work hard have changed my life. Working with you has been a complete joy. I love you!”
Jaci Thomas, writer and mother of three, Vancouver, WA



praise “Ana is an amazing coach, and I would recommend her to any friend! The Freedom Sessions overall gave me so many tools and exercises that I’ll use going forward to organize myself. The coaching calls were so helpful – I always left feeling inspired and with fresh ideas for life and business. And the cleanse programs brought my knowledge of self-care to another level.

The first time I did a cleanse with her, it felt like a huge change in how I was eating. I had just returned from a year of traveling where my diet was less than optimal since I didn’t always have access to fresh whole foods. The cleanse got me back on track and by the end of it I felt grounded, clear, and energetic. I also learned how a few things I had been eating negatively affected me, like soy. When the cleanse ended I continued eating within the diet a majority of the time, treating off-cleanse items as the treats that they are. During the summer I went on the road again for two months. While my access to fresh whole foods was a challenge again, I found that incorporating some of the elements of the cleanse (regular sweating, daily movement, daily green powder/smoothies) into my routine increased my resiliency.

Unlike other periods of long travel, I didn’t come home feeling wiped out, bloated, and cranky. Come September I felt ready to do the Fall cleanse. This time around I was surprised by how easy it was. I realized how well I had incorporated a lot of the habits from the first round into my life, making the cleanse period just a slight adjustment. Going forward I plan to incorporate regular cleansing into my life at least twice a year just to realign my habits. And, whenever possible, I’ll do it with a group, because having support and inspiration from other people makes it much more enjoyable! Thanks again for all of your energy and brightness! ”
Amanda Denz, purpose-based marketing consultant, Nine Arrows Consulting, San Francisco, CA



praise “Ana is a gifted life coach. I am still blown away by the amount of support she gave me when I worked with her and the progress I made in my business goals. She is so sharp, intuitive, and best of all, she held me accountable for the changes I was wanting to make. Ana helped reflect back to me what was really exciting in my career. This did wonders for my clarity and reminded me to trust that this makes a difference in the work that I offer.

I especially loved a guided imagery session that we did accessing my future self. This gave me SUCH great perspective and vision! Thank you Ana for your commitment to me, my passions, and my success! You helped me to take the action I needed to move my business forward, and now I have more clients, more options, and clarity about where I am heading. That has been invaluable! ”
Chanti Joy Smith, entrepreneurial trauma healing expert at Embodied Beginnings, Brooklyn, NY



praise “Ana’s coaching for the past six months has made all the difference. For the first time in my entire adult life, I am fully embracing life and willing to face its challenges as well as rejoice in its victories and blessings. Ana has been like a bridge builder in my life – she could see the other side where my authentic and true self resided, but needed to lay board by board insights and wisdom to help me get across the canyon of my doubts, sorrows, misunderstandings and pain that had accumulated in my life. Through Ana’s humor, matter-of-fact realism, homework assignments, leadership and even becoming a cheerleader a time or two, I am not the same person by any means as I was six months ago.

When I first started being coached by Ana, I was tear-stained inside and out from self-doubt, fear, unfulfilled dreams and self-ridicule. Even after years of therapy and counseling, I still could not surmount mountainous barriers to success in my life do to excuses, misguided advice and negative thoughts. Yet, after each phone call session, Ana was able to coach me through leaping over, removing or jumping past so many of these barriers. No matter how strong or insurmountable the problem, Ana always found a way for me to see what was possible and even probable when I allowed my true authentic self to be expressed and shown to the world.

Ana does not sugar coat her words, but rather listens intently and then guides with wisdom, compassion, honesty and integrity. You can feel her passion come through the phone line- a passion for living life and living it to the fullest. Every victory, every step in the right direction, Ana helped me to see was one step closer to my dreams and goals. I have to say that I was probably one of Ana’s toughest clients, for there was so little room in my mind for becoming a woman of substance, for I had yet to experience such. Yet through all this, Ana was still able to guide me to a place that I have never been before – a place where I can walk confidently with both feet on the ground and smile.

Ana was able to help me see that whether or not I have money in the bank, a successful career or a ring on my finger, I am still a woman that matters and needs to be here on this planet. I now understand that it is the depth of soul that is the true gift of life, for once a person is able to operate from the true authentic self, the place where God resides, then what is left is only love. And, where love is one can rise above limiting beliefs, financial distress and emptiness. Love of oneself fills all holes where it is allowed to come in. I could not have seen this part of me, this embrace to be here, this need to fulfill my purpose, and this need to love what is and the world around me without the coaching of Ana Neff. She is a gold maker. I am so thankful for her.”
Brenda Reynolds, mentor to young women recovering from anorexia through horses and teaching How to be a CowGirl, Boulder, CO



praise “Ana is a gifted and talented coach. She strikes the perfect balance between creating a safe yet challenging space. I always felt like I was stretching and growing, pushing myself past my previous comfort levels; and while challenging and uncomfortable at times, I always wanted to come back for more.

For me, talking to Ana is like talking to that cool, wise sister or friend – except more impartial and not ever judgmental. She’s funny, kind, insightful, compassionate and tough. She has a whole box of handy resources and tools available to help you move forward, and her approach is tangible and grounded. She has clearly figured out a few things about living an inspired and exciting life, and is passionate about sharing the love.

From helping to move past emotional blocks to devising a business strategy, if you are ready – like i was – to explore and move beyond old patterns and beliefs and are ready to take the action necessary to add new dimensions to your life, then I highly recommend Ana’s services.

She primed me for the leap necessary to step more fully into my potential – and the rest is up to me! I’ve felt a transformation occur on some deep levels regarding my response to difficult emotions, people or situations. I’m also reminded that “challenging old patterns ain’t easy!” I definitely see more clearly the ways and places I have held myself back in the past, and feel like I have only gone forward and can only go forward in the direction of living with integrity and breaking through self-imposed boundaries. I have reached a point of no return.

Since working with Ana I have sold my first piece of art and have a website and a show on the way. I’m leaving my apartment of 6 years to do some traveling and to embrace some change, Ive gotten a new job, developed a regular exercise routine, gotten engaged, and have definitely worked through/ let go of some old “ishies”/ experiences, making me an even stronger person. There is still so much more for me to do, but I feel a lot clearer going forward, more ready to embrace change, and more empowered to step fully into the best version of my life – and for this I’m very grateful.”
Kelly T., artist, San Francisco, CA




praise “I know Ana well professionally and personally. She walks her talk, and is a powerful woman who is not afraid of reinventing herself whenever life instructs! The patients we share adore her, and I would recommend Ana as a coach any day.”
Ajana Miki, ND, LAc, Kokoro Center, Ashland, OR



“Ana has been an amazing coach and I genuinely feel she has saved me from failing my first year of college and has given me more confidence to take on the rest of the year. I was going through so much starting university in a new town with moving, having to make new friends, dealing with homesickness and having a lot of fear about where I was going in life since I couldn’t even decide what major was right for me. I had a lot of academic stress and anxiety as well, with my grades falling (I wasn’t used to that!). It was really affecting my health. I saw Ana’s flyer up on campus and thought I’d give her a call. She had a special offer for students and I am so glad, because it has been worth every bit! I knew instantly that her energy matched mine and that I could definitely connect with her. We’ve been coaching for 3 months now. Soon after we started I began to clarify what it is I really wanted, and how I wanted my next year to look like. We addressed a lot of the negative self-talk I had going on, and I was able to have–I mean choose!–a healthier perspective and move forward with many issues I was having. I feel like I can breathe again. I have a plan for managing my stress, I made some changes to allow me more time for self-care, I took some risks to get out there socially and have made some great friends, and I am learning about what is really important to me. I didn’t think that last part would be so amazing, but it has actually been what I’ve loved the most. I didn’t realize how important it was to really know what I wanted. I think Ana is amazing!”
Heather P., University student, Ashland, OR



“My teenage daughter Sarah started coaching with Ana one month ago, and I can already feel that she has a mentor she trusts and looks up to. Ana has done so many amazing things, from rockclimbing all over the world to delivering babies, going to amazing schools and traveling to adventurous places. My daughter genuinely looks up to her, and I think this is partly why her coaching is so effective with Sarah. She can tell Ana has lived what she is talking about, and says Ana is really funny too. Ana also has an understanding of what my daughter is going through in high school and how painful this can be. She helps give Sarah an injection of “ziji” that confidence she speaks of so often. I get scared as a mother with how my daughter is going to manage all the stressors teenage girls have to face these days. But it seems that whatever is going on in their sessions is helping Sarah to handle them with more grace. I would highly recommend Ana as a life coach for teens.”
Rebecca Manley, Sarah’s mom, San Francisco, CA


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