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Free Monthly Jedi Juice Calls – What ARE Jedi Juice calls are why are they the shizzle?

These are free, fun, juicy, and interactive training calls with me, on topics important to YOU. I listened to my clients and picked the most pertinent topics that show up in my group and private sessions. No sitting around and just listening here. These calls are meant to give you value and help you learn new skills (and Jedi mind tricks:)

Free Jedi Juice Training:



Click on the buttons above to have a watch one of my most popular trainings (and use the worksheets too!)

Past and future topics include:

  • Own Your Badass: Building Confidence
  • Creating a Vision
  • Discovering Your Amazing (aka Your Natural Gifts)
  • Loving Thyself
  • Adapt and Thrive (or Just Survive): Thriving During Transition and Change
  • Slow is Sexy – Stress Management for Busy Peeps
  • Choice and the Power of Owning Your Sh%#!…and more!

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Watch This Video And Tap Into Your Badass Intuition

Tonglen Meditation – an amazing way to feel happier, and heal relationships

Click on one of the images below to get started on this amazing and powerful guided meditation from one of my Freedom Sessions Mastermind retreats. Allow about 30 minutes. Enjoy this powerful practice!


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