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Begins in June 2019

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What is 2019 going to be about for you?

If it’s about:
Doing what it takes to stop making excuses, discovering and bringing that gift that only you have to the world, and to start creating your dreams, then welcome to your Tribe.

opt-insideIf You’re Craving
  • freedom on all levels – from your cells to your spirit
  • a true sense of purpose, and a deep understanding of your gifts and how to best offer them to the world
  • adventure everyday and in ALL ways
  • the clarity that you are living in alignment with exactly what you are meant to be doing in this world
  • an opportunity to do truly deep soul-level work with a community of like-minded women
  • adrenaline-pumping experiences that will expand your comfort zone like never before – and give you plenty to talk about at that next cocktail party
  • bringing in both ritual and badassery back into your life
  • re-connecting with your role in nature and with the seasons – and with your essential WILDNESS again
  • crafting an aligned life where your authentic self is expressed with integrity, joy and freedom
  • and the courage and confidence to do what it takes to make it all happen…

adventuremastermind2016-1This is a long-term program because it took a long time for you to develop the stories and patterns that you have, and doing things differently won’t happen overnight. I am just being honest with you right now about that – this program is no magic pill!

What legendary IS packed with is time-tested ancient and modern wisdom, scientifically-based practices, and a whole lot of past successes to back it all up. In other words, you show up, do the work, give it your all, and you will have an experience you will never forget.

It will be Legendary!

All set an ready to go

I want you to show yourself and the Universe that you are ready to play big…

and take this whole manifesting-your-dreams shizzle seriously.



  • Anaverzone-website-buttons3You are willing to let go of your old stories – indeed, perhaps even your old life and identity – and create new stories and experiences that will launch you into the best year yet…and a whole new way of being in the world
  • You value true adventure and want to bring it back into your life – along with the spine-tingling benefits that a life of excitement has to offer
  • You believe that true success takes place on all levels of our being: body, mind, and soul and are willing to explore ALL of these levels
  • You are ready to get unstuck and finally do things differently
  • You feel like you are {almost} living your fullest potential, and need community and support to help figure out what you need to do next in order to take yourself there
  • You have a deep knowing that you are ready for the next level of your evolution as a woman and are ready to do the courageous work it takes to go there
  • You are willing to stretch yourself to grow – in fact, you crave it


  • You enjoy complaining and like to focus on things you have no control over
  • You’re not able to take action and acknowledge {sometimes} hard truths
  • You need a distraction from doing the deep work
  • You won’t be willing to improve your health and wellness habits during the program (we’re a full-stop shop here!)
  • You only want adrenaline adventures and don’t want to dive into the soul-work on this journey (I have great recommendations for you if you want that though!)
  • You hate being outside.

The LEGENDARY Adventure Mastermind Includes:

  • boredom2 amazing and game-changing ADVENTURE RETREATS:
  • your first EPIC adventure in the mother-of-all-adventure states, Alaska: Summer, 2019
  • Your Alaska adventure includes shared shared lodging in a gorgeous mountain cabin surrounded by glaciers, your epic Alaskan adventures, and selected celebratory meals. You’ve always wanted a reason to come to Alaska, right?
  • your SECOND week-long adventure where you’ll be sea kayaking, snorkeling, hot springing, desert exploring, and having your own personal Quest in one of my favorite places on earth, Baja, Mexico: Fall, 2019
  • Your Mexico adventure includes all food, shared lodging in a unique ocean-side abode with a private beach, and the amazing adventures – I know… Awesome, right?!
  • the option to sign up for an Advanced Adventure in Alaska or Oregon (TBD soon!)in 2019 – only available to those who have previously adventured with me, because we will definitely be taking it to the next level. Should you choose to do this adventure with me, you will receive special pricing for being a part of the Mastermind.
  • A kick-start day-long virtual retreat in May, where we will build the foundation for your year in Legendary, and start to cultivate our community as we dive into this epic year together. You’ll leave this virtual retreat with a clear plan for the rest of our time together in 2019.
  • PRIVATE MONTHLY COACHING for ten months with me. I know you want to do this mastermind to work with me, so I am making myself available to you. No “head coach” you’ve never met before is going to be leading the calls. It’s you and me, baby!
  • 10 months of GROUP COACHING calls, packed with content and laser coaching to answer your most pressing questions and give you valuable tools to implement right after the call. It’s also a great way to connect with your tribe each month!
  • The 10-month Legendary curriculum where we dive into all aspects of ourselves so we can more authentically live our lives to the fullest
  • Expert Guest Speakers I’ve got experts lined up in relationship, career, self-love and more to choose from…
  • integrated HEALTH COACHING for you to get your wellness on. Remember – it’s all connected, right? You can’t be dreaming big and manifest your gifts while sitting on a coach eating Dorritos. Tiramisu and wine after a day hike, on the other hand…
  • a Freedom Sessions journal to keep all your written activities, reflections, and worksheets in one place
  • access to one of my most popular programs, the 7-week Ziji Up!Ultimate Confidence Course and all other Freedom Junkie programs I offer throughout the year
  • membership to the ongoing Urban Wellness Club during the entire time you’re in Legendary, where you will have access to me in an additional monthly group laser coaching call as well as monthly inspiration from expert speakers, valuable content for wellness and learning Jedi Mind tricks, as well as another amazing group of women, some of whom have been in the community for over 5 years!
  • the TRIBE of 9 other Adventure Mastermind Soul Sisters + moi on your side, rooting for you as you manifest your deepest desires
  • kick-ass guest speakers and mentors on specialty topics I’ve chosen just for you
  • and more (think: surprises to help you create your own rituals at home and on the go, magical potions and earth-magic goodies…) Juicy surprises are how I roll)!

By the way, I added all these elements to LEGENDARY not just because I think it’s a cool idea and I like to go on adventures (although that’s true too!). Science has proven that experiences like I’ve included here exponentially increase your chances of success with achieving your dreams and goals.

That’s some geeky shizzle right there.

You will experience all the above, not to mention the amazing transformation, bonuses, and truly priceless feeling of confidence and self-respect and integrity that comes with following through on your word and achieving your goals.

Your investment will be totally worth it.

Are you ready?…

Click here to apply now for the 2019 LEGENDARY Adventure Mastermind

Did you know that life coaching with an experienced coach averages $500 to $800/month, and that is without the adventure retreats, monthly training calls, guest speakers, access to the all my offerings in 2019, our awesome community of support, or the other juicy bonuses you’ll receive?

In other words, this LEGENDARY experience is totally worth it.

What past clients have to say…


chaseOver what seemed like a blink of an eye period working with Ana my life shifted drastically for the better…. With her guidance I built a new foundation for my life, relationships, dreams, and desires. I can’t begin to express how pivotal having her in my life at this time and this place was for me… I can’t tell you how many times we both got goose bumps during our sessions due to such rapid changes, energy shifts, and all over positive transformations. Thank you Ana. ~ Chase McKenna, Reno, NV

kiovadogBefore Ana’s Mastermind, I was flying by the seat of my pants, running an online vintage resale shop through Etsy, learning as I went. I experienced unexpected initial success that was exhilarating and exhausting all at once, and I became frazzled trying to balance this new reality.

The Freedom Sessions Mastermind started, and my specific goal was to find a work-life balance, where I could feel more connected to my kids, recharge my batteries more effectively and continue growing the vision I had for my business. I came home from a retreat ready to take on the world, but intense physical injuries surfaced from extended self neglect that slowed my progress to a crawl.

I have recognized that working with Ana through these challenges taught me what I desperately NEEDED to learn, rather than what I THOUGHT I would like to learn. The physical set backs required me to practice self love, unconditionally, and accept myself and my situation with authentic gratitude. It came so naturally for me to be angry at my body and overwhelmed by what wasn’t getting done, but with Ana’s help I gradually came to see progress instead of obstacles. I began to talk nicer to myself and practice better self care. and when things didn’t turn out the way I hoped, I noticed the lessons and growth that the experience gave me rather than getting hung up on my idealistic expectations.

Overall, what continues to serve me is a new awareness where I can identify places of resistance as places that need my attention. I have become braver and quicker to act on opportunities and challenges that I might have put off or dismissed all together in the past. I take fuller accountability for my situation and attitude. Choosing to be present and do what is within my reach rather than making excuses, being bent about what hasn’t happened yet or isn’t happening fast enough. I’ve replaced negative, limiting beliefs with positive, expansive ones; tapped into my intuition, and created a stronger trust in myself. I can choose a course of action and know that whatever the outcome, I will be wiser and more resilient. I also recognize progress and successes now, however small, that I might have dismissed in the past. I celebrate my accomplishments daily and don’t dwell on setbacks. When I do get off track, I notice it more quickly, recommit and do what it takes to get my vibration juiced up again.

Ana is a wealth of compassion, wisdom, positivity and no nonsense ‘get er done’ action. She is an intuitive bad ass with the tools and experience to guide you through your unique journey in identifying and obtaining your goals. She knows when to assist you in a guided meditation to sooth your nerves, and when to call ‘bullshit’ if your sugar coating a situation that needs more attention.” ~ Kiova Staley, Ashland, OR

karaIf I had one word to describe Ana’s program, it would be “Badass.” I chose to work with her because I didn’t feel like I was living up to my potential. I needed a boost and ongoing encouragement to make positive changes in my life. Ana has accomplished so many things in her life. She is pragmatic, logical, AND likes to have fun! I really liked the all the exercises we did in our coaching, where I got to explore different aspects of my life and my values.

The most powerful lessons that I received were learning about my negative self talk, and how to manage it, as well as how my fear of success was holding me back. I am the happiest I’ve been in a long time, and I know that this is my new baseline. You got me back on track Ana! You are really good at what you do. THANK YOU! (PS: And while money is tight for us sometimes, now that I know the value in it, I am going to free up cash for future classes and workshops!) ” ~ Kara Farmer, Idaho

melissaBefore I did Ana’s program I was in a funk. Not that life was bad, I just felt personally stuck and needed some more skills, specifically her” Jedi mind” skills. Not only did I get out of my funk, I lost weight, improved my co parenting relationship and my business income increased (no joke – abundance affirmation works!) all within 7 weeks…coincidence? Not really, just great a coach and program that helped create momentum for change and a willingness to take on living my BEST LIFE, out of the box. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! ~ Melissa Cooley, Talent, OR

rivkahboxingWhen I took Ana’s program, it was my first venture into this kind of investment…an investment in taking care of myself, and reaching for the kind of life I wanted to have. I was in an unhappy relationship, and had allowed myself to continue in this relationship, KNOWING that I deserved to be treated better. That knowing is what finally tipped the balance into me walking into my first coaching program…and taking that step was, in itself, a HUGE leap forward into the kind of positive, joyful life I envisioned.

I knew I could trust Ana, because she brings such a unique quality to her work. She is completely transparent and honest- her authenticity and heart shines through so much, she doesn’t even have to say a word- you can take one look at her, and know, somehow, that you are completely safe to expand and learn.

Ana is a GREAT coach both for “first-timers” who are just beginning to venture into the realm of self-care, and for veterans of coaching programs who are doing maintenance and “refresher-course” type work. She has a totally unique approach which is vibrant, energetic, and gives one a very solid foundation on which to build. I have since done other coaching work, and can say that Ana’s work is tops, and also beautifully compliments & adds a fresh, rich perspective to one’s ongoing personal growth work.

She is extremely generous in her work, making this an “investment” in yourself that is truly a bargain… Ana’s personally involved, her support is very strong, and in the first day of the program – the first hour, even – I had already felt results enough that would have “justified” the cost of the entire program for me.

This costs far, far less than a single year in college, and opens life up so immensely – I would urge anyone who has stumbled upon this (for whatever reason!) to take the plunge, value yourself, invest in your own well-being and growth.

Since beginning Ana’s program, I have left an unhealthy relationship, found a beautiful home to live in, found a new job, gotten very clear about my work, become more confident and positive, and have met so many amazing new people, just because I feel so much better about myself and my life! I have been approached by schools and publishers, and I did not do any “pushing,” networking, or uncomfortable (for me) “saleswoman-y” type selling of myself.

These new opportunities just came to me. It’s amazing what opens up when you have the guidance of a wise, truly gifted mentor like Ana. I highly recommend Ana’s work … invest in yourself & learn that you are worth it… don’t “put up with” relationships, jobs, lives that don’t make your heart sing- if you feel you’re missing something, Ana is a coach who can definitely help you become clear, and help you step up into living fully, living the life you have dreamed of. ~ Rivkah Wood, Ashland, OR

kellysummersettAna has been my rock these past months and exactly the person I was looking to have in my corner to grow. She has done the work and has so much experience with coaching and even best business practices! She knows so many tips and tools that I had no clue about. It was really great to bounce ideas off her and for her to come back with so much immediate and useful insight, suggestions, and guidance. Ana helped me do the thing that I have struggled most in life with: Clarity! Because getting clear about who I am, who I attract, and being able to articulate it all to others is step one to abundant success! Hands down, this has been worth the price of Ana’s admission! Hire Ana, she’s worth it. ~ Kelly Summersett, Chatanooga, TN


JaciKidsI am floored at the changes I’ve experienced in the last year: my confidence, satisfaction, and resilience are at levels I never really believed I’d deserve to reach, let alone live in with hope for more. Ana, being led to work with you on these tender, vulnerable parts of myself is one more evidence from outside me that I am loved and worthy and here to help.

I want you to know how sincerely grateful I am for your example of working diligently on your own path so that you can do so much to teach and lift others up. Your willingness to be real and work hard have changed my life. Working with you has been a complete joy. I love you!” ~ Jaci Thomas, Vancouver, WA

If you’re still wondering if all this would be “worth it,” also think about the hidden costs of NOT taking this year to grow like you never have before – the thousands of dollars spent on things that we think we “need,” but are actually just filling a hole in our lives; the hundreds of dollars spent on self-help books we never read (aka “shelf-help” books); hundreds to thousands of dollars invested in programs that don’t work because they haven’t invested the time and energy into creating a program designed with all the elements to support your success; even more spent on counseling and therapy that holds you in the past without taking action; the incalculable cost of not letting go of toxic relationships and unhealthy mindsets

Definitely worth it. You are worth it. This precious life of yours – your gifts and talents that have yet to be shared and manifested to their fullest potential – are worth it.

If you’d like to read more about what it’s like to work with me – and to feel confident this year will totally be worth it –

Click here to read more client love

opt-insideThe tribe

You’ll spend the year growing and living life to the fullest with a group of 9 other amazing women. I know they’re amazing because I interview and select each one for this epic year. Last year I turned down more than 7 applicants because I knew they wouldn’t be a great match – and I want this to be an incredible year for you.

zijibreitenbushTribe matters.

This is an intimate tribe that will get to know each other closely throughout the year, and bond deeply during our adventure retreats and throughout the year.

The kind of bonds you create in Legendary go beyond those that you may experience with a group of women having a fun weekend together. You will bear witness to each other growing deeply, and share experiences through the magic of adventure that will allow you to connect in ways that no urban environment can ever offer – even with people you may see on a day-to-day basis. You will experience things that no one else will be able to begin to understand, and it feels awesome to have a group of women that totally get you.

mexicopanoramaAs a tribe you receive:

An inspiring and value-packed monthly training call to learn new skills, tips and tricks for creating the life of your dreams – and to connect as a tribe.

Weekly activity packets to keep you motivated and growing steadily throughout the year

kauai panoramaA monthly group Q&A/laser coaching call to answer pressing questions and touch base with your sisters

One year’s worth of access to a private online forum Here you can connect with your sistahs to ask questions, give and receive support. and share hilarious stories or ah-ha moments! You are also welcome to brag openly here and we’ll celebrate you!

createmorefreedomThe sessions

You’ll schedule monthly one-on-one time with me February through November. I’ll be asking you the powerful questions, holding space for you to be truly seen and heard, and help you craft meaningful and resonating goals.

This Mastermind is unique – and sets you up for sustained success – by incorporating health coaching into the time you are in the group. You will receive a detailed health history intake and set wellness goals that are totally achievable during this year. You can’t change your life by working on mindset yet continuing to live an unhealthy lifestyle full of stress and poor nutrition, for example. You will cleanse, strengthen, and free your mind, soul, AND body.

You’ll feel AMAZING! You can choose to focus on wellness for the Mastermind, or have it as an ongoing process while you work on your biz or another epic goal for 2019. Don’t worry – you’ll be doing it YOUR way. It’s my job to help you figure out what that is;)


…plus more, but why spoil the surprises?

Whaddya say? Can you come and play?

By applying to LEGENDARY, you are declaring to the Universe and yourself that you are ready to play big and are serious about actively creating your dreams. Now watch what unfolds;)

I can’t wait to work with you!

Click here to apply now for the LEGENDARY Adventure Mastermind



P.S. I don’t want you to look back a year from know and find yourself in the same place. Again. I don’t want you to look back and wish you had done this for yourself, but feeling like now it is too late. If you’re even remotely considering this, I recommend you apply now and create the possibility to make one of the spots on the next round of LEGENDARY yours;) You are under no obligation to sign up – your applying simply let’s me know you are interested so we can have a conversation about it!

P.P.S. If you have any questions, feel free to contact my team at I’ll get back to you within 24-48 hours! Yes, even if I’m in Nepal (which I will be until the end of December!)