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Live a Life

Without Regrets!

I’m Ana Verzone, a life coach for naughty Buddhists, and I teach people how to make the most of this one, precious life – even when things get messy and we keep screwing up.

You’ll learn practical tools that work in real life, when you’re off the meditation cushion (if you ever got on it in the first place). Like when you’re stuck in stress, anxiety and overwhelm, arguing with your partner, yelling at your kids, over-drinking after work, gaining weight and eating like crap…all the juicy stuff! You know – those times that you don’t get to hit the pause button and meditate;) When you learn these tools, you get to start to create true, lasting freedom – before you’re enlightened. 

Does this mean you have to be Buddhist or a hard-core meditator to work with me? Hell no! As the Dalai Lama says, “Do not try to use what you learn from Buddhism to be a Buddhist; use it to be a better whatever-you-already-are.”  

Most of my clients prefer to live unconventionally and simply, like piecing together random work so they can travel half the year, or work out of their van even though they have a doctorate degree and the words “Professor” on their resume. Freedom is their #1 priority.

But it’s not just about their passports, mountain adventures, or road trips – they also want freedom from the suffering that’s going on in their heads. The anxiety, stress, overwhelm, low self-confidence and general funk.

I call my peeps Freedom Junkies, because we’re addicted to TRUE freedom – freedom not just on the outside, but also internal freedom, so our thoughts don’t screw us over and hold us hostage to our old ways of being, keeping us from showing up as our best selves.

Freedom Junkies like doing things out-of-the-box in a way that most members of society think is weird, but that fellow Freedom Junkies wouldn’t want any other way – and that includes how they manage their mind + emotions so they can feel confident in who they are again.

As my client, you’ll learn how to design a life you’re proud of living, with integrity and the courage and skills to make your deepest dreams a reality. You’ll stop wondering, “What if?” and cultivate the courage to do all those things your soul yearns to do – and be who you want to be.

You’ll learn in your bones how to show up authentically and wholeheartedly in your relationships – fiercely loving, forgiving and opening your heart so you can be proud of how you show up in the world.

As a result, you’ll also learn to not fear leaving this life, knowing you lived it to its fullest with integrity and compassion. You won’t be wondering if you’re wasting your time on this epic planet. Learning to live and die full-on is the most courageous thing you can do. And trust me: it is absolutely, positively, without-a-doubt worth it!

I’m a Master Certified Life Coach that has over 23 years of experience guiding people on personal growth journeys in the wilderness and in the comfort of their own homes. I’ve been a dedicated – and imperfect – mindfulness meditation and Buddhist practitioner since 1991 and have studied under amazing teachers from various lineages. I attended my first month-long retreat in 1995, and was introduced to Insight Meditation and Vipassana teachings in 2004. I’ve made soooo many mistakes on my spiritual journey, and learned a bunch of tools on the way that I want to share with you. They work!

I also used to be a professional international climbing guide for 10 years. No shit! I’ve guided people through their fears in very real and dangerous moments on intense expeditions. Some of my clients call me a Soul Midwife, because as a nurse-midwife, I’ve literally delivered over a thousand babies all over the world, ushering their souls into this life – and as a death doula I have been with people on their deathbed, learning intimately what they have found is most important in life. I have an intimate understanding of these sacred transitions, and use what I’ve learned to help you live your best life. Read more about me here.

After all that, you can see why ziji a Tibetan word for true, radiant, inner confidence – is my jam. I’ve seen how low self-confidence causes so much suffering in people’s lives – anxiety, not being themselves, people-pleasing and not feeling like their life on the outside is in alignment with who they are on the inside. I know how to help you dig deep and find the courage to show up authentically, with integrity, and do what it takes from a source that is deep within you. I teach my clients how to do some serious mindset shifts so they can cultivate the clarity + courage to create the life of their dreams – one that’s lived without regrets.

Wanna dive in? I thought so!



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